XT Racing Mini-Lap

The XT Racing Mini-Lap is made from a billet aluminum case and can store up to 40
laps of timing information. An entry-level lap timer, the Mini-Lap has an I/R pick-up
on either side of it’s body for quick setup and ease of use.


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The Mini-Lap is a scaled-down version of its counterpart, the Ultra-Lap, the Mini-Lap is intended to provide the user with the basic tools needed to time your laps at the track. The Mini-Lap is housed within a single, molded plastic box and comes equipped with dual-sided infra-red pickups so that it can receive transmitter signals from either side of the race track. While it only stores up to 40 laps, it comes in much cheaper than the Ultra-Lap and is ideal for session-by-session lap timing.

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Weight 1 lbs