About Us

Let’s face it, suspension is REALLY hard to figure out.  They don’t call it “black magic” or “the black art” for nothing, right?!?  Well that’s exactly how Velocity Calibrations got started.

Velocity Calibrations at MotoAmerica

In 2011 Eric Vallarta had been riding motorcycles on the street and track for a number of years, and during this time suspension NEVER made sense.  Talking to coaches and fellow riders, reading forums, or talk to “experts”, the clouds never lifted.  So he decided to find some answers on his own…


Velocity Calibrations and Hayden GillimA year later with some training under his belt and an opportunity from a local race club MCRA (thanks again guys) Velocity Calibrations was well on the way to becoming a resident expert in motorcycle suspension, geometry, and chassis repair.

Today, after years of experience, working with countless riders, multiple factory training courses and becoming a K-Tech Suspension Factory Tuner for MotoAmerica, Velocity Calibrations is still proud to be a suspension & chassis only motorcycle shop.

So what does that mean for you?  Why should you care?  Well simply put, we work on motorcycle suspension and chassis EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This means we are trained in, and know details in suspension components that put us ahead of other motorcycle/race shops.  It’s what we do!  So chances are we know exactly what you’re looking for out of your motorcycle, and have the best solution for you.


Velocity Calibrations teaching a suspension seminar

One more thing, one of our top missions is to get rid of the “black art” stigma.  We feel that even though every rider and motorcycle require different needs, those needs can be understood by everyone.

So we encourage every rider to ask us questions, we’re always happy to give you an answer.

So next time you’re ready to work on your motorcycle suspension or chassis, make sure to give us a ring so we can help.  We promise you’ll…

Feel the difference.