Trackside Services

Trackside services that Velocity Calibrations provides is important for a rider’s safety, comfort, and tire longevity.  Many customers drop seconds and prolong tire life after working with us during a few short sessions.  We focus on key parts of the bike like geometry, dynamic balance, rider comfort and grip to get riders around the track.  This is accomplished through use of the latest technology, training, and time spent with track, WERA/CCS, and MotoAmerica riders.

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Trackside Services


Trackside Suspension Tuning- $60

We believe every rider has different needs when they ride around a track.  While many other shops feel there is a “magic setup”, we use rider feedback and our knowledge to get the best performance out of their suspension.  We work with any type of setup and create a starting point (sag, rebound and compression balance).  From there, the rider is encouraged to come back numerous times during the day to talk about what they feel and allow us to make adjustments.

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Trackside Services - 1 on 1 support

1-on-1 Suspension/Geometry Support – $400 per day

Many teams or serious racers need time to test or a full-time tuner by their side to get the best performance possible.  Our One-on-One support program gives you this ability.   Our onsite support gives you the support to test and tune throughout the day to get the best out of your setup.
(Other fees may apply)


Other Trackside Services Include – Trackside Services

  • Motorcycle Handling Optimization
  • Leaking Fork Seal Repair
  • Leaking Shock Seal Repair
  • Fork & Shock Spring Install
  • Fork & Shock Valving Upgrades
  • Cartridge Install
  • Suspension Repair
  • Frame, Swingarm & Subframe Bent Anaylsis
  • Geometry Optimization