At Velocity Calibrations, we believe trackside tuning and support at events allows riders to get the very best out of their suspension and geometry setup.  For this reason, we try to attend as many events throughout the season to provide the support you need.

In addition, Velocity Calibrations works with other shops & dealers in the St. Louis area to provide seminars and local suspension setups.  We also host a number of suspension seminars throughout the year to help you better understand your suspension components.

Be sure to Contact Us for more information or availability.

Trackside Services Include – Trackside

  • Suspension Baseline Setups
  • Motorcycle Handling Optimization
  • Leaking Fork Seal Repair
  • Leaking Shock Seal Repair
  • Fork & Shock Spring Install
  • Fork & Shock Valving Upgrades
  • Cartridge Install
  • Frame, Swingarm & Subframe Bent Anaylsis
  • Geometry Optimization
  • 1 on 1 Suspension/Geometry Support
  • Much more…

2021 Trackside Events Schedule

Please note, events may change so check back during the season to verify what events we will be attending.