Motorcycle Frame Straightening & Repair

Having a damaged motorcycle frame is one of the worst situations an owner experiences after an accident. And one always asks the same questions.

    • Should I replace the frame?Motorcycle accident
    • Does the frame need to be straightened or repaired?
    • Will my insurance cover the repairs?
    • What about a salvaged title?
    • Will my motorcycle handle properly?

At Velocity Calibrations, we believe our motorcycle frame repair system addresses all these questions.  In addition, we use the latest technology to straighten and repair your frame back to proper factory specification.  This will keep your downtime to a minimum and more cash in your wallet!

Analyze the Frame.

The first step in our process is to measure the motorcycle to see if there is any damage and where.  This process is done using the Scheibner Mega-M.A.X. system.  This system is repeatable and highly accurate.

What does this mean to you?  The system takes out any human element!  This controls unnecessary errors and allows us to the repeat the process and get the same measurement results.  Also, when we say “highly accurate” we mean it!  The systems measure in tenths of a millimeter and tenths of a degree.

Once measured, the system compares your measurement against the factory measurements for your motorcycle.  The system has a reference database of over 1200 motorcycle frames to compare to.  This tells us if the frame is bent and where.

Also, a frame may be too far out of alignment to repair or straighten. But with our experience and training, we can give you an honest and accurate evaluation to decide if repairs are possible or not.

Scheibner Mega-M.A.X. Certifcate

And best of all we provide you with a Certificate for your motorcycle.

This information includes what your motorcycle specs are, what the factory specs are, and the deviation between the two.

This provides great documentation to prove the motorcycle frame is straight.

Straightening Your Frame.

Straightening a frame requires finesse, brute strength, and the know-how to get the motorcycle back in alignment.  For this we use Globaljig’s highly accurate universal system called the “Motojig”.

MotoJig Motorcycle Frame StraighteningThe Motojig is a great compliment to the Mega-M.A.X. that allows us to know exactly how to straighten the frame and where.  Think of the Mega-M.A.X. as the measuring tape, and the MotoJig as the hammer.

Using heat and hydraulics, we push and pull the frame back into proper specs using the measurements we originally took.  This gives us a guide to know how to fix your frame without overextending the metal.

Once the motorcycle is back into alignment, we take a final measurement to verify your motorcycle is back to factory specs, and is ready for pickup.

The best part about the process? From start to finish your motorcycle is completed in a matter of days and average bills are $800 to $1800 depending on the severity of the damage.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions please Contact Us.