Motorcycle Geometry

The foundation of a well handling bike is motorcycle geometry.  Professional race teams have known this for years, and now we bring this same technology to you at an affordable price.  At Velocity Calibrations, we use the Scheibner CMS to not only measure your geometry, but also optimize your bike’s handling.  Together with your riding style and the Scheibner, we will create a formidable race bike to get you on the podium!

Scheibner CMS (Chassis Optimization System) – $350

The Scheibner CMS offers an excellent option to evaluate geometry for both racing and track day purposes.  Based on an infrared camera system, the CMS provides a highly repeatable platform to retrieve key frame and geometric values to evaluate your bikes handling characteristics.  These measurements are given in tenths of a millimeter and tenths of a degree and include:

Key Frame Measurement Points Scheibner CMS geometry optimization



Yoke Offset

Swingarm Angle

Swingarm Length

Squat/Anti-Squat Values


Once measured, we verify your frame to the system’s database of over 1500 chassis.  This allows us to consider any anomalies in your frame during the setup process.  Only then do we have a complete “snapshot” of your bike’s stance and are ready to start optimizing your geometry.

Using the system, we are able to simulate changes to the bike to see how they affect the geometry stance.  You can then apply these changes to the motorcycle giving you the proper geometry setup based on your riding skill/style, frame anomalies, tire manufacture and size, suspension components etc.

motorcycle geometry setup

On average, riders will see a drop of 2 to 4 seconds after setup.   

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