Motorcycle Geometry

The foundation of a well handling is motorcycle geometry.  Professional race teams have known this for years, and now we bring this same technology to you. At Velocity Calibrations we use the Scheibner CMS to not only measure your geometry, but also use the system to properly optimize your bike’s handling. Together with your riding style and the Scheibner we will create a formidable racebike to get you on the podium!

Scheibner CMS (Geometry Optimization System) – $300
The CMS (Chassis maximizing system) offers an optional extension for racing purposes. It provides the relevant figures for the complete motorcycle on the road like trail, rake, swing arm down-slope, front height etc. A simulation program, based on the exact measured dimensions of the specific motorcycle, delivers answers to the ‘what if’ questions like: How can I reinstall my previous set-up after mounting new and maybe bigger tires? What can be done if the rider complains about limited grip while accelerating at the end of the curve?
Picture of motorcycle geometry being measured