Silkolene RSF Suspension Fluid

Silkolene RSF Suspension Fluid is a synthetic technology, high Viscosity Index (VI), racing suspension fluid developed to exceed all current requirementsOEM fluid for Penske Racing Shocks, Bitubo XXF Series Shocks and used exclusively by Pro-Action Suspension and franchises worldwide


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Silkolene RSF Suspension Fluid is designed for the latest competition suspension systems. Extensive use by factory teams and suspension specialists in road racing and rallying competition has proved that Pro RSF provides the answer to any situation regardless of climate or terrain.
Silkolene RSF Suspension fluids are used by factory teams using for example, Penske, Proflex, Ohlins, White Power and Showa. Unique fluid engineering techniques integrate low-friction synthetics with anti-foam and wear-resistant additives to ensure predictable suspension performance, long seal life and silky smooth action.
High viscosity index (VI) eliminates the ‘fade’ experienced when shocks are required to operate at high temperatures. Pro RSF fluids are thermally stable and provide exceptional performance in air, nitrogen and argon filled systems. The various grades may be individually blended to give fine-tuned suspension response.

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