Silkolene Synthetic Fork Oil

Extensive use by factory teams and suspension specialists in off road and road racing competition has proved that SILKOLENE 02 AND 05 SYNTHETIC RACING FORK FLUIDS provide the answer to any situation regardless of climate or terrain.


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FUCHS Silkolene Synthetic brands have utilized 21st century technology synthetics to bring you 02 AND 05 SYNTHETIC RACING FORK FLUIDS. Integrated with race-developed foam and wear-resistant chemistry. These unique fluids give exceptional performance in the latest front forks and suspension systems. Outstanding resistance to shear forces and high temperatures, make the 02 AND 05 SYNTHETIC RACING FORK FLUIDS ideally suited to long distance events and severe conditions, where consistent performance from start to finish is vital.

The 100% synthetic formulation is optimized to combat fluid volatility at high temperatures, ensuring predictable damping characteristics with all types of air, nitrogen and argon-filled systems.

02 Synthetic – Yellow amber colored liquid (Viscosity cSt @ 40°C – 17.94)
05 Synthetic – Very pale colored liquid (Viscosity cSt @ 40°C – 43.18)