Fork Oil Leveling Tools

When servicing forks, one final step is setting the oil level.  You want to set oil level by air gap, not by volume of the oil, you’ll never get the right amount measuring by volume.  So to help with this companies have created oil level tools to make life easier.  There are two that are the most common on the market, Motion Pro/Traxxion and Race Tech.  They each have their pros and cons and I’ll go through each.

Motion Pro/Traxxion Oil Level Tool

Motion Pro Leveling ToolYou can find these all day long for under $20 and they work really well.  I’m a big fan of the disk that slides over the measuring bar.  This allows the tool to rest on top of the fork and give you an accurate level.  It also draws a large amount of oil into the syringe.  The couple downfalls are you really need a third hand to use this easily.  And I noticed after time the rubber membrane starts to wear and doesn’t pull oil out of the fork very well.

Race Tech Oil Level Tool

 Race Tech Oil Level Tool

Race Tech’s oil level tool is completely built out of aluminum, and it shows in it’s whopping $129.99 price tag.  This is currently what is used to service any forks that come through Velocity’s shop.  It is very rugged and can be disassembled to clean.  Its very easy to use with 2 hands, although it will get very slippery when covered with oil.  If you can get over the price, this guy will last you through all your fork servicing needs.

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Motion Pro with slider   Race Tech slider   Slider Comparision

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