Ohlins 1309 Oil

Ohlins 1309 is engineered for all R&T fork, cartridge and shocks.  Along with all R&T dampers and fork piston kits.


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Ohlins 1309 oil is designed to reduce friction, stay cleaner, have a longer service life, and resistant to foaming (known as cavitation). Together with the front fork springs from Ohlins, a considerable improvement in the responsiveness and performance of an original fork can be achieved.

Ohlins oils and greases are specially formulated for Ohlins shock, forks and steering dampers. They provide excellent lubrication for radically reduced friction – essential for forks with large sweep areas. The line of fork oils provide ultra-low foaming with a broad temperature range for stable viscosity and negligible fading under the hardest, race-track use.

Size – 1 Liter


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Weight 3 lbs