iMoto Suspension? There’s an app for that!

I am a BIG proponent of riders experimenting with suspension settings.  Turn knobs, adjust preload, change geometry.  It allows riders to learn about their bike and see if they can make a well handling bike even better.  But there is a downside to doing that, notes!  In today’s age almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet at their disposal, enter iMoto Suspension.

iMoto Suspension is an app available on iPhone and Android that allows you to take some pretty accurate notes. The layout is nice and allows for quick note taking while out on a back road or trackside. Shortcomings like no notes or the inability to rename takes are easy to overlook when you compare it to all the other features you have at your fingertips.

imoto suspension

–  Multiple bikes can be added
–  Copies adjustments to new “take” to make it quicker when making single adjustments
–  Each adjustment has a short description and how to adjust
–  Each adjustment shows in clicks, notches, mm, or lines to be more accurate
–  Tire pressure shows in bar or psi and can be adjust in .1 increments.
–  Print and tweet results
–  Easy to compare different “takes
–  Rate each take

–  No notes section
to add things like tire manufacture, weather and track conditions, etc.
–  “Takes” can not be renamed (i.e.; Barber 5/2013, Tail of the Dragon Run, etc.)

Overall this is a handy little app to have at your disposal.  With the speed of entering data riders can enjoy their ride more and not worry about missing a setting.  And at only $.99 its well worth it!

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